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Welcome to REFORMTEC - Home Renovation Specialists.


 We are a team of Polish Home Renovation Specialists located in south west area of Mallorca.


 We are  Expert Contractors with a lot experience who You can trust to complete an internal or external work involved in property renovation , modernisation or extension , we take care of everything under one roof.


 Whether You need interior design for any new project or whether You are looking for a modern bathroom, a new and modern labour saving kitchen, a luxiourus bedroom, a more comfortable lounge or just an extra room for the children or Your own staff, we will carry out a design for Your approval and then carry out the work to complete that project Safely, Quickly, and Expertly with complete attention to the detail needed.


We only deliver work of the highest possible qualitty.


 We are expert in : Erecting or moving stud walls , plastering to ultra smooth modern style, electrical and plumbing installation , air conditioning installation, walls and floors tilling,roofing,dry walls, etc !!!



From minor task to major projects , Your Satisfaction Guaranteed !!!




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